Gears & Gadgets

Google: Software is never going to be able to fix Spectre-type bugs

Enlarge Aurich Lawson / Getty Images Researchers from Google investigating the scope and impact of the Spectre attack have published a paper asserting that Spectre-like vulnerabilities are likely to be a continued feature of processors and, further, that software-based techniques for protecting against them will impose a high performance cost. And whatever the cost, the […]


Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

Equal parts whimsy and innovation, the tiny Raspberry Pi computers have captivated the attention of children and grown-up programmers alike since the first model went on sale almost exactly six years ago. The latest version, the Pi 3 Model A+ ($ 25), brings a new level of performance to the diminutive, primitive micro-desktop. It’s essentially […]


YouTube won't let anti-vaccine videos make advertising money for their creators, citing a policy around 'dangerous or harmful' content

Screenshot / YouTube YouTube channels that promote anti-vaccination (anti-vax) content are not allowed to run ads on the video sharing platform, according to a policy first reported by BuzzFeed News on Friday. YouTube said that it considers anti-vaccination content to be “dangerous or harmful,” which as a policy, it does not allow to be monetized. […]

Emerging Tech

Virgin Galactic completes another test flight, this time with a passenger

VSS Unity lands at Virgin Galactic’s airfield in California’s Mojave Desert on Friday, February 22, 2019 after its fifth successful test flight. Virgin Galactic Virgin Galactic chief astronaut instructor Beth Moses rode the company’s spacecraft VSS Unity as its first passenger on Friday, February 22, a key milestone toward commercial availability of the flights later […]