I played 'Red Dead Redemption 2' as a cowboy photographer – here are my favorite photos showing the insane level of detail in the game

Rockstar Games Rockstar Games’ “Red Dead Redemption 2” is a universally-lauded video game that chronicles the end of the era of the gunslinging outlaw – and the bitter ending for those that thrived in that time. The narrative is compelling, the violence is omnipresent, and the game’s world of the Wild West is generally cold […]


Nikon Z 7

Nikon heavily teased its full-frame mirrorless system prior to its launch. The company is starting out with two cameras—the Z 7 ($ 3,399.95, body only), reviewed here, a 45.7MP beast for photographers who demand the most pixels, and the more affordable Z 6 ($ 1,995.95), a 24MP model with a faster burst rate for capturing […]


Battlefield V review

Battlefield 1 helped reestablish the DICE shooter franchise as the king of large-scale combat, with its multi-day Grand Operations mode and emotional single-player War Stories offering experiences you couldn’t get anywhere else. It’s unsurprising that the studio and publisher Electronic Arts opted to take a similar approach with Battlefield V, which moves the action back […]