The best Xbox One controllers

Over the years, the Xbox One has turned into a fantastic console for fans of everything from racing games to first-person shooters, and much of the console’s appeal comes down to its controller. Comfortable, simple, and sleek, the stock Xbox One controller is a great option for nearly any player. If you want more customization, […]

Emerging Tech

An ultra-light aerogel made using waste beer could help us live on Mars

[embedded content] Any project which starts with beer and ends with colonizing Mars has our attention. At its highest level, that describes new research coming out of the University of Colorado Boulder — where scientists have developed a new super-insulating gel, created from beer waste, which could one day prove useful for building greenhouse-like habitats […]


How to fix a dead pixel

While you could pay someone to fix it for you or replace the offending screen entirely, learning how to fix a dead pixel yourself isn’t a complex process. But before you get started, you’ll need to determine whether you’re facing a dead pixel and a stuck pixel. A stuck pixel is generated when one or two of […]