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Bag the toothbrush. The Y-Brush can clean your teeth in just 10 seconds

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Generally speaking, brushing your teeth is not a difficult task. It takes 2 minutes total and you only have to do it twice a day –but it’s not a very fun chore. Y-Brush might be a solution to that problem. The device is on display at CES 2019, and its creators claim that it can accomplish the same level of clean as the standard method of brushing but in just 10 seconds.

The creation of French company Fasteesh, the Y-Brush is an attempt at optimizing the process of brushing your teeth. Instead of a brush with a small head of bristles, the Y-Brush is basically all bristles. They are laid out at 45-degree angles around a mouthguard that can fit around your upper and lower rows of teeth. The bristles are designed to be directed at the precise angle the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends when holding a toothbrush against your gums. Since not everyone’s mouth is the same size, the Y-Brunch comes in four different varieties, including smaller sizes designed for children.

To use the Y-Brush, you first fill the tray with your toothpaste of choice. Then bring it to your mouth and place it around a row of teeth just like you would with a normal mouthguard. Once it’s in your mouth, press the power button and you will feel the Y-Brush vibrate. It’s recommended that you make a chewing motion while it’s in your mouth in order to fully clean your teeth, but you’ll only have to do it for about five seconds. Then place the Y-Brush on your other teeth and run the whole process again. After just 10 seconds later, your teeth should be fully cleaned.

There’s plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the claims of the Y-Brush. It hasn’t been approved or tested by the ADA, and while it may have promise, it also borders a little close to the “too good to be true” claim. You might want to hold off until the device gets dental approval before picking it up, but you can pre-order one if you want. Y-Brush will cost $ 125 and is expected to ship in April 2019.

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