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DIY Smart Home Hack Uses IFTTT API to Trigger MQTT Home Assistant Action

While the mail box is more of a US concept than a UK one, there’s some satisfying DIY smart home hackery going on here that could inspire many more projects.

Cory shows us how to use the My Applets feature of the If This Then That cloud service, to setup a webhook in the API that will send a text message in response to a contact switch on his property – or trigger any other MQTT / Home Assistant action for that matter.

Ever lose a whole day hovering over your mailbox waiting for an important delivery? Untether yourself from your chore by adding a sensor that will send you a text message when your mail arrives! I’ll show you how to use an ESP8266 and a limit switch to rig your mailbox to notify you whenever it’s opened.

Check out the video below as well as the link to the blog post with the code…

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