Fortnite challenge guide: Season 6 week 2 multi-stage challenge

Season six of Battle Royale is finally getting underway in Fortnite. Last week was an adjustment period as players around the world on all platforms got used to the idea of the brand new map with so many different changes and additions, like the floating island. This week, the challenges are in full swing with a ton of new objectives for players to complete.

These seven new challenges are all pretty standard fare outside of the new multi-stage Fortnite week two challenge. Designated as one of the only two “hard” challenges this week, it’s the one that will give players a tough time because it has multiple parts to it. Instead of your typical “kill X number of enemies” or “collect this many puzzle pieces.”

Fortnite season 6, week 2 challenges explained

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

This multi-stage week two challenge can be lengthy and frustrating for a number of reasons. For one, you can’t complete the entire challenge in one match. It’s set up in a way that requires you to complete each objective separately before you can move on to the next one. In fact, you can’t even access or see what the next task is without completing the one prior.

Thankfully, we’ve already completed this challenge in its entirety, so we know what you’re up against this week. There is a total of three stages you need to finish in this challenge and you can complete it in no less than three separate matches.

That doesn’t mean you have to, though, and it isn’t likely you will. Take your time and complete it in as many matches as you’d like in the next week. Better yet, it’s a totally free challenge, so you don’t need to own the season six Battle Royale Battle Pass in order to unlock it. Anyone can check it out and gain some much-needed Battle Stars, and you’ll definitely want those if you want to acquire one of the new pets that were added this season.

How to complete the assault rifle challenge

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

Here are some general tips for completing the Fortnite season 6, week two multi-stage challenge.

First and foremost, we recommend you do this challenge in the Soaring 50 versus 50 limited time mode that is available right now. Similar to other challenges such as the “dance under different streetlights“, playing in this mode makes your job a whole lot easier.

This is because you’ll have the benefit of playing alongside 49 other teammates as opposed to having them as enemies, like in other modes. You can complete the multi-stage challenge in relative peace and quiet and have ample amount of time to look for weapons and gear (which you’ll need) since the circle takes a long time to close.

You’ll be able to hit up areas like Tilted Towers and the new floating island with a bunch of people, so you won’t have to worry about enemies getting to precious weapons before you do at the beginning of the match. Lastly, Sony made the monumental decision to allow cross-play with all of the other platforms, so feel free to team up with anyone you want to complete this challenge together.

Assault rifle challenge: Stage 1

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

Now, onto the first part of this multi-stage challenge. It asks you to “deal damage to opponents with an assault rifle.” You’ll need to deal 200 damage in total to complete the first objective. For reference, 200 damage is equal to a single player with full health and full shields, or two separate enemies with full health and no shields.

At the very least, you’ll need to kill one person in a Battle Royale match with an assault rifle. However, they may not have the shields or health for you to reach your objective, so you will most likely need to fight at least one more person to complete this first part. This is why it’s imperative that you take this on in the 50 versus 50 mode.

The danger is lessened in this mode and you can safely team up with a large group of people and pick off enemies from afar with your assault rifle. More importantly, it’s easier to get loot safely and without having to watch your back. That means you’ll find an assault rifle with less trouble. Note that it needs to be a regular assault rifle. Burst assault rifles don’t count.

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

You’re going to want to head to popular named areas like Tilted Towers, Dusty Divot, and the new floating island. It all depends on where your Battle Bus heads, but choose a major location on your half of the Battle Royale map. You are going to want to head into buildings and search in treasure chests for the best assault rifle you can find.

Once you have one, stock up on ammo with ammo boxes by finding more rifles. You will want to be fully prepared, especially if you plan on completing this first stage in one match. However, don’t fret if you don’t get enough damage. The damage you do will carry over and you can finish it in the next match. Once you’re ready, head to the circle in the middle and join up with teammates to find some enemies to kill. Deal 200 damage in total and you will be ready for part two.

Burst assault rifle challenge: Stage 2

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

Stage two tasks you with dealing an additional 200 damage. This time, though, you must use the burst assault rifle. For those who aren’t familiar with this weapon, it fires in three quick shots at once. Like the last stage, head to main areas in 50 versus 50 mode to find one of these rifles. They are a little harder to find.

After finding one, stock up on ammo and head to the center of the circle to duke it out. It’s worth noting that the burst assault rifle does have some kinks to it, unlike the regular assault rifle. The three shot burst can take out enemies quickly, but demands accuracy. There’s also a small delay between bursts that leaves you vulnerable.

You can navigate around this problem by picking up multiple burst rifles. When you miss or need to reload, simply switch to the next one and keep on firing so your enemy can’t get the drop on you. If that’s not possible, build some forts to buy yourself some time to recover. Carry some extra shield potions or a chug jug to help with that.

Like stage one in the multi-task challenge, deal the 200 damage in total across matches (this includes if you die) and you will have completed the second stage.

Suppressed assault rifle challenge: Stage 3

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

With the burst assault rifle stage out of the way, we have made it to the final stage in the season six, week two multi-stage challenge. This one is the hardest, not because of the difficulty, but due to the weapon you use. Keeping with the assault rifle theme, this time you have to deal 200 damage with a suppressed assault rifle.

This is tricky because, unlike the other two, the suppressed assault rifle is rare. If you’ve already made it this far in the challenge, getting the 200 damage should be no problem. The biggest issue is finding this weapon enough times to deal 200 damage. It’s only available in the epic and legendary variants, so you’ll want to hit up every treasure chest, vending machine, and supply drop you can find.

Note that supply drops are only found in the circle in 50 versus 50, so if you’re feeling risky or have friends with you, you can try heading directly into the circle at the start of the match. Supply drops are very frequent there so it’s possible to find it quickly enough to get the damage you need. For reference, we found a suppressed assault rifle after searching three drops.

Once you have it, get ready to put on your game face. As before, you can deal out the required 200 points of damage in multiple matches, but the difficulty of finding the rifle means you may want to try and do it all in one game.

Fortnite assault rifle challenge rewards

Fortnite week 2 challenges season 6

The rewards for this multi-stage challenge are a little bit different than most challenges in Battle Royale. This is because you can actually earn Battle Stars for it by just completing the individual stages. You don’t have to finish all three to get all of the rewards. Completing stage one with the regular assault rifle will net you three stars immediately. Completing stage two will net you another three stars, and the final stage will give you four for a grand total of 10 Battle Stars. That’s quite a lot — many challenges only offer 5 — so this is one you’ll want to complete despite the fact it takes more time than most.

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