Phase One’s upgradeable Infinity IQ4 medium format camera platform boasts 150MP

Digital cameras may age in dog years, but Phase One’s newest medium format system are designed to adapt to new technology over time. On August 28, Phase Once unveiled the XF IQ4 Infinity Platform system, a modular medium format camera platform launching with three different versions, all with megapixel counts in the three-digit range. The IQ4 150MP (which is actually 151 megapixels, for anyone who’s counting), the IQ4 100 MP Trichromatic (101 megapixels), and the IQ4 150MP Achromatic (151 monochrome megapixels) are all included in the new Infinity Platform that expands the company’s existing XF system.

Phase One says that the Infinity Platform is designed to evolve over time, either to integrate new technological advancements or to adapt to the photographer’s changing workflow. While the company hasn’t yet shared technical specifications and didn’t detail exactly how that’s possible, the new platform is part of the XF family, which uses interchangeable backs to swap out the sensor.

While the series is designed to adapt over time, it’s still starting out with what appears to be a pretty strong list of advanced features. The two 150-megapixel cameras (the Achromatic shoots in black-and-white only) are the first medium format cameras to break the 150-megapixel mark, according to Phase One.

The new Infinity Platform also has the core of the company’s editing software, Capture One, built in. This improves preview quality and allows photographers to process images within the camera itself, including converting RAW files to JPEGs. The update also allows for faster frame rates and improved live view performance.

The Infinity bodies offer both XQD and SD card slots to store images. Wireless, USB-C, and Ethernet tethering options are also included. Another new feature separates the time lapse and bracketing tools from the camera body itself, a change that Phase One says allows the images to be synchronized with those from other camera bodies.

“Our customers drive us to break down barriers and keep pushing forward,” Henrik O. Håkonsson, Phase One CEO & President, said in a press release. “With the Infinity Platform we are completely dedicated to grow the IQ4, adapting and expanding incrementally to match the pace of technology — making it unique in the photographic world — a camera investment that pays back with years of cutting-edge operation.”

The Infinity Platform cameras are compatible with any of the platform’s Blue Ring lenses — and a blue ring lens is included with the new camera prices along with five-year warranties and uptime guarantees. All three new modular cameras will launch in October. The XF IQ4 150MP lists for around $ 52,000, the XF IQ4 100 MP Trichromatic for about $ 48,000, and the XF IQ4 150MP Achromatic for about $ 55,000.

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