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CERN scientists create antimatter to answer fundamental question of the universe

Artist’s impression of matter-antimatter collisions. Pete Linforth The concept of antimatter has delighted sci-fi fans for years, but it also poses a real question for physicists. Mathematically speaking, it makes sense that for every type of particle in our universe there exists a corresponding antiparticle which is the same but with the opposite charge — […]


Tableau’s Ask Data feature uses NLP to answer sales questions

Seattle, Washington data analytics company Tableau wants to make it easier to get straightforward answers to sales questions. Toward that end, it today announced the general availability of Ask Data, a natural language processing feature for Tableau Server and Tableau Online that enables users to pose queries and get a response. It also debuted Tableau Data Management […]


Lumix S1 is a hybrid powerhouse camera, and Panasonic’s answer to the Sony A7 III

Previous Next Panasonic today detailed its two upcoming full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Lumix S1R and S1. Built around the Leica L-mount, these are the first full-frame models from Panasonic, which also produces Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. While the S1R offers landscape and studio photographers a solution for ultra-high-resolution photography with a 187-megapixel high res […]


Oprah, Is That You? On Social Media, the Answer Is Often No.

Oprah, Is That You? On Social Media, the Answer Is Often No. ImageCreditIllustration by The New York Times: Photographs by, upper right, Mike Windle/Getty Images (Justin Bieber); Lower right, Khaled Elfiqi/EPA, via Shutterstock (Neymar); Center, Nina Prommer/EPA, via Shutterstock (Taylor Swift); lower left, John Phillips/Getty Images (Oprah Winfrey); and upper left, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for […]