AN UNLIKELY REVOLUTIONARY: How Tristan Harris went from working at Apple and Google to consulting with heads of state about how to reform Silicon Valley

Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty In recent years, Tristan Harris has become one of the most prominent critics of the tech industry. Harris got his start with a presentation he made while at Google highlighting the techniques it and other tech companies used to manipulate customers and dominate their attention. In recent years, he’s been consulting […]

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Netflix ends AirPlay support on iOS in an ongoing souring of its Apple relationship

Enlarge / The Apple TV 4K and remote. Samuel Axon Netflix has confirmed that it no longer supports AirPlay, citing “technical limitations” with Apple’s video-slinging feature. The reasoning isn’t exactly about technical limitations that prevent Netflix from supporting the feature at all, though. Rather, Netflix has either chosen not to support it because the company […]