‘Console Wars’ comes to TV under ‘Kong: Skull Island’ director

Hollywood production company Legendary is developing a limited-series television event based on the book Console Wars by author Blake J. Harris, as Nerdist first reported. The book documents how Sega battled with Nintendo over the hearts and minds of gamers throughout the ’90s. The miniseries will now bring that story to television screens. Point Grey Pictures, […]


Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One: Can the new hybrid best the established console?

Nate Barrett/Digital Trends Nate Barrett/Digital Trends The Nintendo Switch, as with many Nintendo systems, seeks to innovate on what we view as the traditional video game console. As a “hybrid console,” the Switch offers a form of play similar to that of its competitors — namely the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — while acting as a bridge between Nintendo’s home […]


A turn for the better: Loupedeck+ adds custom dials, more to Lightroom console

HIllary Grigonis/Digital Trends Brought to life by an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, the original Loupedeck introduced a bespoke hardware interface for Adobe Lightroom. The console used a host of buttons and dials for performing common and advanced commands that otherwise would rely on often esoteric keyboard shortcuts and slow mouse maneuvers. In our review, we […]


The best game console

It’s an interesting time to be buying a game console. More than four years into the current console generation, we are seeing a new array of incrementally improved hardware, such as Sony’s PS4 Pro, Microsoft’s Xbox One X, and sub-platforms like PlayStation VR. There are many compelling arguments as to why players who care about […]