Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One: Can the new hybrid best the established console?

Nate Barrett/Digital Trends Nate Barrett/Digital Trends The Nintendo Switch, as with many Nintendo systems, seeks to innovate on what we view as the traditional video game console. As a “hybrid console,” the Switch offers a form of play similar to that of its competitors — namely the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — while acting as a bridge between Nintendo’s home […]


A turn for the better: Loupedeck+ adds custom dials, more to Lightroom console

HIllary Grigonis/Digital Trends Brought to life by an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, the original Loupedeck introduced a bespoke hardware interface for Adobe Lightroom. The console used a host of buttons and dials for performing common and advanced commands that otherwise would rely on often esoteric keyboard shortcuts and slow mouse maneuvers. In our review, we […]


The best game console

It’s an interesting time to be buying a game console. More than four years into the current console generation, we are seeing a new array of incrementally improved hardware, such as Sony’s PS4 Pro, Microsoft’s Xbox One X, and sub-platforms like PlayStation VR. There are many compelling arguments as to why players who care about […]