Tech billionaires Marc Benioff and Jack Dorsey clashed over a key law that could seriously impact the San Francisco homelessness crisis

AP ImagesTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey opposes Prop C, a San Francisco measure which would tax the largest businesses to fund homelessness services. A San Francisco city measure, which is up for vote in November, has caused a stir among tech elite. Prop C would tax the largest businesses in the city in order to fund […]

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Researchers say this technology could be the key to people taking hurricane warnings seriously

October 10 at 1:53 PM Thanks to immersive technology, it’s never been easier to set foot inside a hurricane without getting wet. Last month, a Weather Channel video using mixed reality technology demonstrated the effects of storm surge on an ordinary American neighborhood. The simulation — which is being used again with updated forecasts as […]

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3D-printed paste could hold buildings together amid natural disasters

[embedded content] A 3D-printed cement paste could one day be used to make buildings more resilient to natural disasters, claim researchers from Purdue University. Although it sounds paradoxical, the paste actually gets tougher the more it cracks. This makes it a potentially invaluable new building material. “Cement-based materials such as concrete are brittle and crack […]


20 things we could do right now to prevent the wave of natural disasters, poverty, and pollution to come

Thomson ReutersA woman wades through a submerged street at the UNESCO heritage ancient town of Hoi An after typhoon Damrey hit Vietnam in 2017. An initiative called Project Drawdown is bringing researchers together to figure out the best ways to cool down the planet and prevent more damaging floods, hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, and starvation. Chad […]