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Pictures leak of the “Google Home Hub,” Google’s version of a smart display

The front of the Google Home Hub. MySmartPrice The back. MySmartPrice If you squint, you can see a spec list. MySmartPrice The “features” here are just the normal Google Smart Display features. MySmartPrice Again, nothing new here, but this seems in line with the current Google Home promotional images. MySmartPrice More typical Google promotional images. […]

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HomeKit: Eve Degree is Stylish Temperature, Humidity & Air Pressure Monitor with Display

The HomeKit system in the Automated Home is building nicely. The latest edition is the Eve (formerly Elgato) ‘Degree’. A small 54mm rounded square in sleek anodised aluminium that tracks temperature, humidity and air pressure. Installation As with all the Eve gear setup is a 30 second process with your iOS camera reading it’s serial […]