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Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The $ 29.99 Amazon Echo Wall Clock is part of a new line of products called Alexa Gadgets that are controlled by Echo smart speakers. We’ve seen two others so far: Amazon’s Echo Buttons and the Big Mouth Billy Bass. These devices aren’t reasons to get an Echo. They’re for people who already have a […]

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Amazon Echo Input

Need a little more Alexa in your life? Amazon’s Echo Input ($ 34.99) is basically the microphone portion scooped out of the top of an Echo Dot, for $ 15 less than an actual Dot costs. It’s an easy way to Alexa-enable third-party speakers, and it helps fill microphone-free gaps in your always-listening smart home. […]

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Guidemaster: Want an Alexa device? Here’s every Amazon Echo, compared

Enlarge / "Alexa, circumvent your technological protection measures." Valentina Palladino Update: It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and Ars staffers have taken the day off to experiment in the kitchen rather than on the page. That said, tomorrow is the annual shop-a-palooza known as Black Friday, and the deals have already started. To help, we’re resurfacing […]