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Artificial ‘superhuman’ skin could help burn victims, amputees ‘feel’ again

Researchers have developed a new kind of sensor designed to let artificial skin sense pressure, vibrations, and even magnetic fields. Developed by engineers, chemists, and biologists at the University of Connecticut and University of Toronto, the technology could help burn victims and amputees “feel” again through their prosthetic skin. “The type of artificial skin we […]


With manual controls, Moment’s new app makes a smartphone feel more like a DSLR

Moment Moment, a company known for its high-quality smartphone lenses, launched its redeveloped Moment Pro Camera App. Just like its lenses, which brought a DSLR-like interchangeable lens system to smartphones, the app brings DSLR-like manual controls — the combination of lens and app makes a phone’s camera function even more like a DSLR. The app offers […]