This graph shows 90% political donations from big tech workers went to the Democrats, with Googlers leading the charge

BI Graphics/Skye Gould More than 90% of the political donations made by Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google staff went to the Democrats, figures dating from 2004 show. Staff at Google’s parent company Alphabet were the biggest benefactors to Democratic candidates and causes, according to the data from GovPredict. The findings come at a delicate […]


Why the game dev group will benefit from non-U.S. board chair

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has more than 150 chapters around the world representing thousands of game developers. The 24-year-old developer advocacy group recently appointed Vesa Raudasoja as new chair of the board of directors, promoting him from the vice-chair position. He replaced David Seltzer as chair, and current board member Emily Greer moved into […]

Emerging Tech

Early-detection system for wildfires could save many states from big burns

When it come to dealing with the growing problem of raging wildfires, a number of high-tech solutions have been put forward, including using water-carrying, self-flying helicopters to help extinguish blazes. A new wireless smart sensor system could take a more proactive approach, however, by spotting wildfires before they get out of control to start with. […]