Bungie parts ways with Activision, will self-publish future Destiny content

Activision and Bungie are ending their Destiny partnership after eight years, the two companies announced. Bungie will acquire the full rights to the massive first-person shooter franchise from Activision and plans on self-publishing all future Destiny content. The companies released a joint statement announcing the development: Today, we’re announcing plans for Bungie to assume full […]


HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on: Gaze into VR’s future with foveated rendering

Unexpectedly announced at an early CES 2019 media event, HTC’s latest and highest-end VR headset is the Vive Pro Eye — an upgraded version of the already premium Vive Pro with integrated eye-tracking hardware. The eye tracking can be leveraged for in-app controls, analysis of user attention during training sessions, and foveated rendering. If you’re not […]


China made an artificial star that's 6 times hotter than the sun and it could be the future of energy

Nuclear fusion could be the future of energy, replacing fossil fuels with our own artificial stars. China built a fusion reactor that reaches temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius – that’s six times hotter than the sun. The reactor is called Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) and sustained nuclear fusion for about 10 seconds before […]

Emerging Tech

Shipping crate filled with 3D-printing robots may be the future of construction

Autodesk Autodesk might have made its name with its AutoCAD computer-aided design software, but its latest high-tech project is far more focused on hardware. The company has teamed up with Netherlands-based company Dura Vermeer to create a robot-filled shipping container which may very well represent the future of construction work. It is being shown off […]


Oculus says future Rift hardware is coming despite Iribe’s exit

As reported earlier today, Oculus cofounder Brendan Iribe announced that he’s leaving the company, the latest in a string of executive-level departures from Facebook. But despite a report claiming that Iribe quit over Facebook’s decision to cancel “Rift 2,” a company spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that a next-generation Oculus Rift headset is still in the works. The […]