Anthem review: BioWare’s sky-high gaming ambition crashes back to Earth

Enlarge EA / Bioware BioWare, the developer responsible for Mass Effect and Dragon Age, has returned with its first new series in over a decade, Anthem. It’s a pretty big departure for the RPG-heavy studio: a jetpack-fueled, action-first online “looter-shooter.” And after a disastrous demo launched weeks ago, we wondered whether we’d even get a playable game. The good […]


Corsair One i160 Gaming PC

The original Corsair One was a head-turning small-form-factor gaming desktop, a tightly designed machine with the fist-force of a much larger build. The new Corsair One i160 (starting at $ 2,999, and $ 3,599 as tested) packs an even bigger wallop, winding up more power inside the same compact case. This model boasts an Nvidia […]


Free games like 'Fortnite' earned more than $87 billion last year, and the rest of the gaming industry is starting to take note

Epic Games Free-to-play video games generated $ 87.7 billion in revenue during 2018, according to a new report from research firm SuperData. Asian players account for 62% of spending on free games, and seven of the top 10 grossing free-to-play games belong to Asian publishers. “Fortnite” was the top grossing game of 2018, free or […]

Gears & Gadgets

Razer announces a gaming monitor, haptic feedback PC gaming peripherals

Enlarge / A graphic showing Razer’s HyperSense concept. Razer At this year’s CES, it sometimes seems like consumer electronics announcements are dominated by two trends: gaming gear and digital voice assistants. Gaming brand Razer made announcements related to both this week. Arguably the most notable are HyperSense—a haptic feedback platform that makes PC peripherals like […]

Gears & Gadgets

Lenovo’s Legion laptops are gaming machines you won’t be embarrassed to use

17-inch Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop from the front. Lenovo 17-inch Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop from the rear. Lenovo 15-inch Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop from the front. Lenovo 15-inch Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop from the rear. Lenovo 15-inch Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop from above. Lenovo A common theme of gamer-oriented hardware is that it’s ostentatious and […]