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Major US telecom was infiltrated by backdoored Supermicro hardware, Bloomberg says

Enlarge Eric Kilby / Flickr Five days after Bloomberg stunned the world with still-unconfirmed allegations that Chinese spies embedded data-sniffing chips in hardware used by Apple, Amazon, and dozens of other companies, the news organization is doubling down. Bloomberg is now reporting that a different factory-seeded manipulation from the previously described one was discovered in […]


Vicon’s Origin hardware suite is designed for location-based VR

Motion capture company Vicon unveiled its Origin line of location-based virtual reality hardware at the computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH in Vancouver. The product suite includes cameras, trackers, and a wireless relay transmitter along with software that is compatible with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. Vicon has partnered with Dreamscape Immersive, which specializes in […]


Loupedeck+ brings improved hardware controls to Lightroom — and Luminar

The Loupedeck, the bespoke Lightroom control console, is no longer just for Lightroom. The new Loupedeck+ offers an enhanced build and compatibility with additional photo editing programs. Announced on Wednesday, June 20, the Loupedeck+ is compatible with Lightroom Classic CC and Skylum Luminar, and Capture One integration is currently being tested. The Loupedeck+ looks very similar the […]