Emerging Tech

Electric bikes and scooters are here to save the world! But here’s the thing …

Depending on your point of view, electric bicycles and electric scooters are either blights on the streets of major cities or represent the salvation for metropolitan areas choked by traffic and smog. Battery powered e-bikes and e-scooters have flooded cities from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, simultaneously delighting riders and aggravating city planners. “I do […]

Gears & Gadgets

Guidemaster: Want an Alexa device? Here’s every Amazon Echo, compared

Enlarge / "Alexa, circumvent your technological protection measures." Valentina Palladino Update: It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and Ars staffers have taken the day off to experiment in the kitchen rather than on the page. That said, tomorrow is the annual shop-a-palooza known as Black Friday, and the deals have already started. To help, we’re resurfacing […]


Google’s Duplex is rolling out to Pixel owners — here’s how it works

Google Duplex-powered calls have finally arrived. Sort of. For some people. A spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that Duplex — Google’s artificially intelligent chat agent that can arrange appointments over the phone — has expanded from a “set of trusted tester users” earlier this year to a “small group” of Google Pixel phone owners, who can […]

Emerging Tech

Here’s how Microsoft’s Hololens is helping NASA build the new Orion spacecraft

Lockheed Martin As a global aerospace, defense, and security giant, it’s no great surprise to hear that Lockheed Martin has some pretty advanced technologies at its disposal. For its current project building NASA’s Orion spacecraft, however, Lockheed is turning to some smart tech that’s actually available to regular consumers: Microsoft’s mixed reality Hololens smartglasses. The […]