Tappy debuts finger-scanning watch bands for mobile payments

As stores increasingly accept contact-free payments from smart watches and phones, consumers are getting used to tendering payments through Apple, Google, and Samsung — big intermediaries that share each bank’s transaction fees. Now banks have an alternative: Hong Kong’s Tappy Technologies has developed a battery-less biometric payment authentication system that can fit inside a watch […]


‘Fortnite Mobile’ improvements on the way: 60 FPS, controller support, and more

Epic Games revealed in its State of Mobile Development – November 2018 announcement that there are some important Fortnite Mobile features on the way which will further improve the playing experience on smartphones and tablets. Get an update on current development efforts for Fortnite Mobile in our November State of Dev! — Fortnite […]


How Munich’s IDNow uses AI and biometrics to enable mobile authentication

As people increasingly rely on mobile gadgets to handle everyday chores, they frequently run into old-fashioned requirements to present paper-based forms of ID to verify a wide range of transactions. To eliminate this cumbersome step, IDnow wants to make authentication as easy as taking a selfie. The technology is particularly of interest to mobile-based financial […]

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The future of 5G mobile data could hinge on a battle over utility pole fees

5G wireless data could spur the growth of new wireless devices and applications. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News) Brian Fung Policy reporter focusing on telecommunications, media, cryptocurrencies and competition September 24 at 1:46 PM Mobile carriers such as AT&T and Verizon are in a race to build brand-new data networks that can deliver ultrafast downloads and support […]


Tilting Point will spend $29 million to promote Disruptor Beam’s mobile game Star Trek: Timelines

Game developer Disruptor Beam announced today that it has teamed up with publisher Tilting Point to bring its mobile game Star Trek: Timelines to more audiences. Under the deal, Tilting Point will spend $ 29 million to promote Star Trek: Timelines, and the two companies will co-develop another role-playing game based on an existing intellectual property. Star Trek: Timelines is […]