Emerging Tech

Dangle no more: Window-washing drone for towers could replace human cleaners

[embedded content] Drones are edging evermore into the workplace, transforming the way jobs are done and enabling companies to save time, improve safety, and cut costs all at the same time. Take this enormous window-washing drone. Built by Latvia-based Aerones, the machine aims to replace those human-operated cradles you’ve seen dangling on the side of huge […]

Gears & Gadgets

Spectre, Meltdown researchers unveil 7 more speculative execution attacks

Enlarge Aurich Lawson / Getty Images Back at the start of the year, a set of attacks that leveraged the speculative execution capabilities of modern high-performance processors was revealed. The attacks were named Meltdown and Spectre. Since then, numerous variants of these attacks have been devised. In tandem, a range of mitigation techniques has been […]