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Pentagon awards more than $2 billion in contracts for national-security-capable rocket launches

A rendering of Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket in flight. (Courtesy of Blue Origin) October 10 at 6:10 PM The Air Force on Wednesday awarded more than $ 2 billion in combined contracts to three companies to develop rockets capable of launching national security satellites. The contracts, part of an effort to increase competition, went […]

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Surface Studio 2 has an even more amazing screen, ditches the spinning disks

Enlarge Microsoft The original Surface Studio was one of the strangest, most eye-catching, and enjoyable-to-look-at machines we’ve used: a giant 28-inch touchscreen with a computer in its base. Today, Microsoft announced Surface Studio 2: the same concept, an even more beautiful screen, and a healthy improvement to the computer specs. The first-generation Surface Studio has […]


Ars eats more bugs, finds a few we like

Enlarge / Yes, those are crickets adorning this otherwise standard chips-and-guac. John Timmer Around this time last year, one of our intrepid staff members took on something that’s on the verge of being a culinary trend: eating bugs. In Beth’s case, this involved incorporating cricket-based flour into a traditional muffin recipe. The results were anything […]