Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review in progress — A fresh experience for those with an open mind

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 could have been a disaster. Battle royale games from rivals came out at a very inconvenient time: during the middle of development of Black Ops 4. Fan expectations changed completely. Activision’s Treyarch studio responded by dropping the Black Ops 4 single-player campaign, tripling the Zombies co-op experience, and adding […]


San Francisco's new $2.2 billion transit center, the 'Grand Central Station of the West,' is officially open to the public – take a look around

Katie Canales/Business InsiderYou can spot the new Salesforce Transit Center from various intersections as you’re walking around downtown San Francisco. San Francisco’s new four-block-long Salesforce Transit Center – and the stunning rooftop park located on top of it – is officially open to the public. A project almost two decades in the making, the transit […]


How to open RAR files

Although you are more likely to encounter a ZIP file than a RAR file in your everyday activities, both are great at compressing files. However, RARs have numerous advantages over ZIP files, offering everything from a higher level of compression, to comprehensive support for error recovery. But that is no good if you don’t know […]

Gears & Gadgets

Intel’s SGX blown wide open by, you guessed it, a speculative execution attack

[embedded content] Foreshadow explained in a video. Another day, another speculative execution-based attack. Data protected by Intel’s SGX—data that’s meant to be protected even from a malicious or hacked kernel—can be read by an attacker thanks to leaks enabled by speculative execution. Since publication of the Spectre and Meltdown attacks in January this year, security […]


NBC and ReKTGlobal partner to give Universal Open Rocket League competitors the spotlight

Developer Psyonix’s second annual Universal Open Rocket League tournament for its soccer-with-cars hit game is speeding toward its grand finals on August 24 to August 26. But in the meantime, broadcasting partner NBC Sports Group has signed on for some exclusive behind-the-scene looks at this year’s competitors, produced by esports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal. As interest […]