Graphene supercapacitors use the sun to power advanced wearables

Four years ago, a thin, strong material called graphene was being eyed as an eventual replacement for silicon in circuit boards and processors, and it has since found applications in everything from futuristic contact lenses to headphones. Now researchers at the University of Glasgow are using graphene to create next-generation flexible batteries — more accurately, supercapacitors — that are […]

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Meet Wiliot, a battery-less Bluetooth chip that pulls power from thin air

[embedded content] A tiny chip from semiconductor company Wiliot could harvest energy out of thin air, the company claims. No battery needed. Instead, the paper-thin device pulls power from ambient radio frequencies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell signals, allowing it to measure things like weight and temperature, and transmit the information to nearby devices. The company […]


India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart to Sell Products Online

Supported by India Curbs Power of Amazon and Walmart to Sell Products Online ImagePrime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration has turned protectionist. Protesters demonstrated in New Delhi this year when the American retailer Walmart bought a majority stake in the Indian e-commerce retailer Flipkart.CreditCreditSaumya Khandelwal/Reuters By Vindu Goel Dec. 26, 2018 The Indian government dealt a […]


Snapchat facial recognition could soon power a new portrait mode, code suggests

Snapchat can already recognize faces well enough to apply puppy dog ears and floral crowns, so why not use the technology to blur the background for a better selfie? Apparently, Snapchat is thinking the same thing. Reverse engineering of the Snapchat app recently uncovered a handful of potential features for the Snapchat camera. The biggest feature […]


Vindicia CashBox will power subscriptions for South American gaming streaming service Gloud

Vindicia said it will provide the infrastructure for subscription payments for Turner Internacional Argentina, a division of Turner International, for its game streaming service Gloud. Gloud aims to use cloud technology to offer a simple, affordable, and accessible gaming service to consumers. It is one of a number of companies that want to provide console-quality games […]