Common Sense: Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Should Worry Amazon Investors

Supported by Common Sense Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Should Worry Amazon Investors ImageJeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, at last year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party. Their impending divorce raises questions about the future of their roughly $ 140 billion stake in Amazon.CreditCreditDanny Moloshok/Reuters By James B. Stewart Jan. 18, 2019 Jeff Bezos and his wife, […]

Gears & Gadgets

Computing pioneer Evelyn Berezin died this week—she should be remembered

Enlarge / Secretaries use typewriters, before the word processor changed everything. Evening Standard | Getty Images Computing pioneer Evelyn Berezin died at 93 this week. She was most known as the designer of the first true word-processing computer. But she designed many other innovative computing systems and helmed Redactron Corporation, a company that helped transform […]


Bethesda and Blizzard should learn from how Square Enix fixed its Final Fantasy XIV problem

It’s any game publisher’s worst nightmare — you’ve announced or launched the latest version of your big franchise, and instead of widespread acclaim, your biggest fans are angry and disappointed. What should you do? This is the challenge for Bethesda after Fallout 76 debuted to terrible player feedback, followed by harsh criticism for shipping its […]


An HR exec who's worked at Facebook and Amazon says no one should become a manager without taking a key step

Courtesy of Bharath Jayaraman“You hire adults, you treat them like adults,” said Bharath Jayaraman, pictured. Before making someone a boss, allow them to have some management experience, so they know what they’re getting into. That’s advice from Bharath Jayaraman, vice president of people at Paxos and a former HR exec at Facebook and Amazon. Jayaraman […]

Emerging Tech

If we want to slow down climate change, we should change how we mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin celebrates its 10th birthday today, which is a major milestone for a technology that some skeptical pundits predicted would never make it out of single digits. However, while there is plenty to love about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, people have also raised concerns about what the heavy hardware requirements of Bitcoin mining mean […]