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If we want to slow down climate change, we should change how we mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin celebrates its 10th birthday today, which is a major milestone for a technology that some skeptical pundits predicted would never make it out of single digits. However, while there is plenty to love about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, people have also raised concerns about what the heavy hardware requirements of Bitcoin mining mean […]


There are 2 things men should never, ever wear, according to a Silicon Valley stylist who charges upwards of $2,000 to make techies look effortless

Oli Scarff / Getty ImagesLeave your flip flops at home. Fashion is subjective – but Silicon Valley stylist Victoria Hitchcock has a few rules for any man trying to pull off a polished look. Hitchcock recommended ditching both khaki pants and flip-flops. She told Vox that these were her two major fashion “no-nos” for men. […]


Canon and Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras impress. Should Sony start worrying?

Canon President and Chief Operating Officer, Kazuto Ogawa, introduces the Canon EOS R. Gannon Burgett/Digital Trends Within two weeks of each other, industry heavyweights Nikon and Canon made perhaps their most impactful announcements since the dawn of digital photography: the move to professional, full-frame mirrorless systems. While it’s easy to view these new systems as […]