China is building a 5G smart highway for autonomous cars and AI traffic monitoring

China is moving forward in the global “race to 5G,” as state-owned carrier China Mobile has announced (via Xinhua) that it’s already building the first 5G smart highway — a city-scale system of roads capable of supporting cellular network-coordinated transportation services. The infrastructure is currently under construction in Wuhan, capital of China’s centrally-located Hubei Province. […]

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Smart luggage does it all with wireless charger, built-in scale, GPS tracking

Whether you’re a frequent flier who takes dozens of business trips, or you only occasionally jet off on vacation to get away from the 9-to-5 grind, stressful experiences at the airport can easily turn your much-needed travels into a nightmare. And while many travel-related events are not in our control — like weather-related delays and cancellations, […]