Resident Evil 2 looks scary, but it’s sound that makes the game blood-curdling

Capcom’s Resident Evil series has often masterfully created tension and scares from the sounds you hear while tiptoeing around ominous environments. While the zombies and monstrosities that walk amongst Resident Evil’s protagonists are usually visually unsettling, the audio is what takes the terror to the next level. Resident Evil 2, both the PS1 original and the […]


Sphero’s Specdrums turn color into sound

It’s been quite the journey for Sphero, the Colorado company best known for its app-enabled balls that teach coding, perform tricks, and make for great cat toys. In the roughly eight years since it announced its eponymous product, Sphero has launched an education-focused lineup ( Sprk) and miniature Sphero models (Sphero Mini) and collaborated with Disney […]

Emerging Tech

Researchers use sound waves to levitate up to 25 tiny objects at the same time

[embedded content] Researchers have been using sound waves to levitate tiny objects for a while now. But a new project from scientists at the U.K.’s University of Bristol and Spain’s Universidad Publica De Navarra takes things to the next level. They have created what they refer to as “acoustic tweezers,” which involve levitating multiple objects […]