As White House holds 5G summit, FCC debuts industry-guiding 5G FAST Plan

On relatively short notice, the White House today convened a 5G Summit consisting of morning and afternoon sessions for regulators, legislators, and telecom representatives. While its specific purpose wasn’t clear ahead of time, the Summit turned out to be an opportunity for administration officials who openly said that they “don’t know anything” to learn about and plan for the […]


Amazon’s Matt Wood on the major takeaways from AWS Summit 2018

On Wednesday, just days ahead of Google’s Cloud Next conference, Amazon hosted its annual Amazon Web Services cloud computing conference, AWS Summit, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. It didn’t hold back. SageMaker, the Seattle company’s full-stack machine learning platform, got two major updates: SageMaker Streaming Algorithms and SageMaker Batch […]


IBM and the Department of Energy show off the world’s fastest supercomputer, Summit

IBM and the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have revealed the world’s “most powerful and smartest scientific supercomputer.” Known as Summit, IBM says that its new computer will be capable of processing 200,000 quadrillion calculations per second. To put that into perspective, if every person on Earth did a single calculation per second, it […]