Acer Swift 5

Back in the ’80s, ABC had a proto-reality show called That’s Incredible! The network should bring it back. The first guest could be someone standing on stage holding the new Acer Swift 5 ($ 999.99). The Acer replaces the 2.4-pound LG Gram 15 as the world’s lightest 15.6-inch laptop—at 2.2 pounds, it feels like a […]


Acer Swift 5 vs. Dell XPS 15

Mark Coppock/Digital Trends Some laptops, like Dell’s XPS 15, aim to be all-around performers and fit well in a variety of environments. Others, like Acer’s 2019 Swift 5, are laser-focused on a single attribute — in this case, on being the lightest 15-inch laptop in the world. Is it better to be a Jack of […]


Acer Swift 5 (2019) review

Acer is on a mission to make laptops thinner and lighter, at any cost. Many times, that quest for portability leaves some unfortunate compromises. When Acer started calling  the Acer Swift 5 the “world’s lightest notebook PC with a 15-inch display,” we had our worries. We looked at a $ 1,000 configuration of the Swift […]


Acer Swift 7 (2018)

Acer’s Swift 7 ultraportable is back, and with a profile just over a third of an inch thick, it’s holding on to its bragging rights as the world’s thinnest laptop. It’s no humble-brag, either: It’s going to be tough for any laptop maker to top this machine on thinness, seeing as the profile is barely […]


Asus ROG Swift PG279Q review

Research Center: Asus ROG Swift PG279Q There’s a lot of things gaming monitors need to nail to be worth the money. The Republic of Gamers Swift PG279Q does nearly that with it’s 27-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 display, boasting a very low four millisecond gray-to-gray response time, but more importantly, G-Sync compatibility and a maximum refresh […]