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Researchers say this technology could be the key to people taking hurricane warnings seriously

October 10 at 1:53 PM Thanks to immersive technology, it’s never been easier to set foot inside a hurricane without getting wet. Last month, a Weather Channel video using mixed reality technology demonstrated the effects of storm surge on an ordinary American neighborhood. The simulation — which is being used again with updated forecasts as […]


Eve Technology Eve V review

Research Center: Eve Technology Eve V In February 2015, Eve Technology decided to create the world’s first crowdsourced 2-in-1. The concept? To build a machine based entirely on input from the Eve community. The result is the Eve V, a clear competitor to the Microsoft Surface Pro. It was delayed due to some manufacturing setbacks, […]


‘Weaponized Ad Technology’: Facebook’s Moneymaker Gets a Critical Eye

‘Weaponized Ad Technology’: Facebook’s Moneymaker Gets a Critical Eye ImageGovernment officials, researchers and advertising executives have warned that microtargeting tools, like the kind Facebook offers, can be exploited to polarize and manipulate voters.CreditRichard Drew/Associated Press By Natasha Singer Aug. 16, 2018 Facebook has made a mint by enabling advertisers to identify and reach the very […]