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Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The $ 29.99 Amazon Echo Wall Clock is part of a new line of products called Alexa Gadgets that are controlled by Echo smart speakers. We’ve seen two others so far: Amazon’s Echo Buttons and the Big Mouth Billy Bass. These devices aren’t reasons to get an Echo. They’re for people who already have a […]

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Amazon announces 11 new and refreshed Echo-branded gadgets—like a wall clock

Redesigned Echo Dot, available for pre-order today. Sam Machkovech The new Echo Dot revision (left), compared to its last iteration (right). Sam Machkovech The Amazon Echo Sub(woofer). Sam Machkovech Amazon’s new Echo Link Amp (left) and Echo Link (right). Sam Machkovech The Echo Link Amp (left) includes a 60W amplifier and, thus, support for more […]