Facebook brings Express Wi-Fi to Ghana, quietly expands Free Basics to Morocco and Laos

More than a year after Facebook commercially launched Express Wi-Fi in five markets, it is ready to bring the connectivity service to the sixth: Ghana. In partnership with telecom operator Vodafone Ghana, Facebook today launched Express Wi-Fi in the suburban communities of the Western African nation. The service, available locally in Nima, James Town, Kanda, […]

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Downloading the newest Wi-Fi protocols: 802.11ax and 802.11ay explained

Enlarge / Wi-Fi connects the world together, but it’s still quite complicated. Aurich Lawson Look, Wi-Fi still kind of sucks. And marketing excesses aside, its worst problems all revolve around airtime distribution among multiple devices. Unlike LTE (the protocol cellular data uses), 802.11 WI-Fi is a protocol with no central management, which leaves all nearby […]