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Take a Chance, Get Cool Gear With the PCMag Shop Mystery Box

PCM Mystery Box

The PCMag Shop offers bang-up deals on gear that ranges from sunglasses to computers to smart lightbulbs. Occasionally, some of those gadgets get bundled together, and sold at a steep discount in a Mystery Box. So if you’re willing to go out on a limb for $ 100 or $ 200, you could end up with something extremely cool.

Of course, part of the appeal is that you won’t know what you’re getting until you open the box, but there’s a chance you could get really lucky. Brands like Acer, Beats, Dyson, Oakley, and Ray-Ban are in the mix, so you could snag something fantastic.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Mystery Boxes are “Final Sale,” and cannot be returned. See the PCMag Shop site for more information.

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