We compared Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions – and the winner is clear

When you ‘save’ songs in either Spotify or Apple Music, it means you can access them later in your library without having to search for their artist page again. Both services give the option to download the music you have saved to your library as well.

However, once you actually get to the artist page, it’s a different story. Apple Music’s artist pages in the library are clean and easy to navigate — each album is displayed separately with its artwork, allowing you to select which album to listen to quickly.

Spotify, on the other hand, just dumps all the songs you save from a particular artist into a playlist of sorts, with no clear distinction of when one album starts or ends. You can easily navigate to the online artist page (not in your library), where the layout is quite similar to Apple Music’s, but this requires an internet connection and defeats the purpose of saving music to your library and downloading it in the first place.

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